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Hopstand question?

Hello I just have a question about the technique called hopstanding. Ok here the question I read that one wants to do the hopstand at 175f to 180f so here somewhat of a stupid question how does one take boiling wort down to the 175f to 180f would one just use there wort chiller an chill it down to the 175 to 180f or would one just Cover there kettle an let it Naturally cool to hopstanding temperature?

What i did read about this. Its more at the end of the boil. Like a sort of whril pool. Once your wort cools down than you add some hops. Around. 170fh. But what i am not sure about this. Once you wort. Comes to a temp 185 170 fh. You got to be carefull. You take the risk for a infectionx

I put the IC into the wort 15 before flameout… Flame out, I would chill a little bit, then add hops… cover and wait about 15 minutes… I was careful, and didn’t get anything bad. BUT, I don’t do that anymore… I dump them in as I turn off the heat source… lots of them!! And dry hop after primary fermentation is complete… Sneezles61

There are varying opinions on the effects of a hopstand or whirlpool at different temperatures. The 175-180 range is suppose to give you the best utilizaion of the hops for increasing aroma. That’s where I’ve been doing my 20 minute whirlpool for IPAs. Google hopstand and you’ll find many articles regarding this.

That being said you’re on the right track. After flame out chill your beer to the desired temp and then add your hops, cover and let it stand for desired time.

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