Hopshot questions

I have never used this stuff and was wondering about it. First it seems there is no designated hop type. Another supplier listed it as Cascade but many if found from Googling it don’t say. It’s also a little unclear if it is best as a bittering hop addition or late. Can it be used like a dry hop? I guess it’s like tar so boiling it and adding it with the water to a keg would seem to be about the only option.

Back when I first started brewing, almost twenty years ago, a friend that worked at a rather large brewery, might have had “weiser” in it’s name, gave me a gallon jug of some kind of hop extract. He worked in maintenance so he really didn’t know much about it. It sat on a shelf for a long time since I had not idea how to use it and I finally tossed it. Now I think I may have thrown out hundreds of dollars of stuff.

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I wouldn’t use it for anything but bittering, as like you said it’s like tar, and would make a tremendous mess on anything added after the boil. It tends to make little tar beads in the boil that stick to the pot and gum up everything. Some will make it into your fermenter, and when you wipe it off it just kind of smears on the side of the fermenter, leaving a mess behind.

Come to think of it, I pretty much hate the stuff for that very reason…

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been reading about it as well
was wondering if you dry hop in the beer keg is this is the option so no adding of a hops bag
juist calculate how much you need to add to get the flav

You’ll have a tremendous mess on your hands if you add it to your keg. The stuff isn’t really water soluble.

Well that solves that. Off my try it list. If you are using it after Googling it I found that there is a 100g can of it with reusable syringes available but not from NB.

Pellets and leaf hops have worked for me for a long time. This just sounded like an easy addition.

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well guess this will be big no no than dont like mess in my keg

I’m not saying don’t try it… But be warned. Caveat emptor. :wink:

[quote=“hd4mark, post:1, topic:21683, full:true”] Now I think I may have thrown out hundreds of dollars of stuff.

You did, but more like a couple THOUSANDS worth of it truely was a gallon.

I did the math and you are right. Really didn’t know what the stuff was or the concentration. All I had at the time was The Joy of Home Brewing and what info I could get from the small LHBS that mostly sold kit beers. The jug sat around so long it started looking funky so I didn’t trust using it even if I could figure out how to. Had a car back then If I had kept it would be worth twenty times what I paid but how could you know?

Hindsight is 20/20 Mark. Of course, you probably would have had to discard it anyway after one use. Not sure the technology was around no to save it back then.

Hopshots come with the Off the Topper and the Plinian Legacy kits. Having sampled a bit from one of the tubes, this is not something I would attempt to dry hop with. It dissolves into a boiling wort with a bit of stirring but I doubt very much if it would integrate into room temp beer. It does work well for reducing the vegetal matter in your kettle when you use as the primary bittering charge. It’s the only bittering charge for the Topper, everything else is flameout and hopstands. I’ve been very happy with the results.