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Hops smell 2

Proberly. Been a topic before. Me got bunch of sample hops from bsg craft brewing. Did use some for dryhop. To few hops to create a recipy. But they say. Smell. The difference. Me. Mayby its my nose. But think they all smell the same. Only difference. Was the rakau. My grand son and wife did like the smell.

Not everyone has the same sensitivity to aromas. Some people can detect very small differences, others not so much. It also depends on what you’ve been smelling. I also think when you try to smell a bunch of different ones at one time you tend to burn your nose out as well, like if you smell something all the time it goes away.

I agree. It can be difficult at times. Really though, all are very similar with minor nuisances. Of course, that’s what makes all the varieties special! So they’ll likely smell similar with minion differences.

If find I have to really stick my nose in the bag they come in to get the difference. Usually very subtle but it’s there.

Allergies have really muted my sense of smell. Usually I can say, “yup, those are hops.” Maybe, “this one smells stronger than that one.”

But I can’t tell two strains apart.

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