Hops in vacuum sealed bag no longer suctioned

Ok, so what does my subject mean? I vacuum sealed just shy of a half ounce of my harvest last year and put them in the freezer. The hops were nice and compressed and it appeared there was no air in the bag. A few months back I noticed that they didn’t seem as compressed as if air was making it into the bag. I didn’t see or notice any open seals, rips, etc. not to say there were not present.

When I talked to a friend, he said it may be for decomposition. I’m not sure I really believe that especially since it was just a few month since I sealed them and they were in the freezer.

So my question is, anyone else have a similar experience? This was my first time sealing and saving. I wouldn’t want to use them if they are going bad. I guess I could just open and smell but would still be concerned about flavor if they were breaking down.

Wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

I’ve had that happen occasionally with foodsaver bags. Not just with hops. Sometimes they might not get a good seal.
I wouldn’t worry, though.

That happens to me every year with all the hops I seal, some just don’t take. I just use those ones first. Hop On!


Gotta press those sealer things good and hard or you don’t always get a good seal. I’ve also had small pinholes develop from me throwing stuff around in the freezer.

I sometimes lose a seal on my foodsaver bags. I think it’s from dry hop strigs puncturing micro-holes in the bags. Your hops should be fine.