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Hops direct for hops

Anyone use hops direct ?

I’ve used them several times. Good hops at a fair price. They even sent me a tshirt once.

Yeah the price was great. I ordered about 6lbs all told with shipping came in about 70¢ an oz


I’ve ordered from them a few times. Great prices and great hops but not the selection that YVH has to offer. Might have to revisit that source again.

They didn’t have a huge selection but I got various varieties and I can always fill in the blanks from other sources.

Nice price. Should look at that

I have my cart loaded, just didn’t pull the trigger yet. I should do a thorough inventory of what I have on hand first.

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I use them a lot. During the harvest they have previous yrs. for dirt cheap.
It’s a good reason to try hops you might not normally buy.

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Looks like a good collection of “plays well together” hops…

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