Hoppy Wheat?

I decided to brew yesterday using ingredients I had on hand…with the goal of making a simple, somewhat hoppy wheat beer. The recipe as follows:

3 lbs wheat LME
White Labs WLP320 American Hefeweizen liquid yeast
1 oz German Tettnang hops @ 60 min
.6 oz German Tettnang hops @ 30 min
.3 oz German Tettnang hops @ 5 min

Any comments on what I may have created? Does it sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance!


What was your volume in the fermentor?

It was a 5 gallon batch…

I input your ingredients into the Brewer’s Friend recipe calculator as a standard American Beer/ American Wheat Beer. This is just the basic output for the recipe.
Original Gravity 1.021 _ Final Gravity: 1.006 _ ABV: 2.00% _ IBU: 29.77 _ SRM: 2.23 Matches Style: no _ ApproxColor:

It will be a very easy drinking session beer. I would carbonate this about 2.6 to 2.8 volumes to add a spritzy character for the hops.

I played with the recipe calculator. Adding 3 pounds of Light DME resulted in a beer to style for the American Wheat.
Original Gravity 1.046 _Final Gravity: 1.013 _ ABV: 4.40% _IBU: 20.41 _SRM: 3.99 Matches Style: yes _ApproxColor:

Thanks for that! It would seem this will be a decent, lawn mower beer!