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Hopefully I caught it in time!

So I am brewing an IPA in a one gallon fermentor, everything looked good last night but this morning after I came back from lunch, it was in the three piece airlock. So I hope I caught it in time. I changed it out and such. I am wondering if I caught it in time or if I should junk the beer?


Never dump a beer until you are certain it’s a waste… which IMO takes months to be sure of.
I’m sure your beer is fine. Clean out the airlock and replace it or pop in a blow off tube.

Its fine… RDWHAHB…
With the 1 gal batch I would always start with a blow off tube. I would also look into a 2 gal fermenter so you don’t waste so much beer to blow off. Seems like NB should sell the 1 gal kit with a 2 gal fermenter. 1 gal kit in a 1 gal fermenter just doesn’t make sense.
Edit: dobe beat me to it and I agree with his statement.

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