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Hope & King Scotch Ale Recipe Question

I purchased the pro-series extract kit and had a quick question about the hops. The recipe calls for .25 oz. of Centennial and NB provided 1 oz. I recall something related to the alphas and betas of hops affecting quantity to be used. Has NB made that adjustment for me in the hops they provided and I use the full 1 oz. or do I need to measure out .25 oz. of the hops? If so, can some please recommend a scale or measurement tool I can use?


Upon looking at the recipe I see that there is no target IBU listed, so we can not be positive about how much you should be using.

However, NB only sells hops in 1, 8, and 16oz packages.

So my guess is that NB just provided the 1oz package because they don’t have smaller packages.

I would brew the recipe as listed using the 0.25oz of centennial at 60 minutes. To measure the hops I would just eyeball it this time.

As for scales I really like the escali primo sold by NB.

That’s what I figured. Thanks for the recommendation on the scale.

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