Hop Water

Has anyone here tried to make hop water? I’ve seen a few recipes floating around on the interwebs, but just curious if anyone has tried one yet. I always have a keg of carbonated water on tap, and am looking to change it up a bit.

Any citrus would be a welcome change…

Yep. Already planning on a squeezing something fresh. I prefer something orange-like as opposed to lemon or lime.

My first attempt at this is okay. Not great, but not bad. It’ll do.

Basically, I made a tincture with vodka and 1 oz. dehydrated sweet orange peel (just enough to submerge the peel). Let that sit for a couple days. Then I heated up some water in my tea kettle, and made a hop tea in my french press with 2 oz of Simcoe. I added to the french press the tincture & peels, and juice from one lemon. I let that sit for maybe 5 minutes, then poured the tea (strained via french press) into a five gallon keg of water, and carbed it up over the course of a few days.

Next time I’ll go more citrus and less hops (or different hops).

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