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Hop Trellis

My Dad and I made this over the weekend for my first year hops. The highest beams are roughly 12’ tall and when the hops need more room to grow we’ll run them parallel to the ground across the top.


Fantastic! :sunglasses:

Thank you! I’m happy with it.

Looks sturdy enough to park a truck on. Great job.

Nice. You can sit under it and have a beer when it’s grown in. Is that a table under there in anticipation

Makes me jealous… I run mine up a six foot fence, then train them horizontally. The Chinook always grabs the neighbors trees when I’m not looking and gets tangled up in there.

Thank you Mark.

That’s a good idea Brew Cat! Originally, I brought the table out to set our tools on but I think i’ll bring it back to our patio until the hops can provide some shade.

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