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Hop tea for drinking?

Can you use hops in a tea? If so, what might be a good hop and do I need to boil?

Been reading about you got to steep the hops. Apparently it helps for sleeping

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I did try to make some back when I grew hops… Thought I could put a name to a bitter cup of tea… Really didn’t work… But by all means, keep after it and tell us what you come up with. Sneezles61

one of my all time favorite Plus-One publications SPOILER It’s the hops

The Sedative Effect of Non-Alcoholic Beer in Healthy Female Nurses

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Hop tea is some of the worst, most vile stuff I’ve ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth.


I agree if it was good it would be a thing by now. Best to steep your hops in the whirlpool


Me one time just try a hop pellet. Nasty. Nasty

Anybody try smoking some?

I guess so. Should have known

I’m guessing that anything that could be smoked has been smoked!

I see a new fad, buy a pint and a toke of hops… It’ll be be pared with IPA’s… Sneezles61

Yes. Don’t.

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Down to seeds and stems… Let’s try some hops!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

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I’d rather drink 'em!!

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