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Hop prices

It seems like some great hop deals of late. Why do you think that is? I’ve been stocking up

Tis is the season!! :santa:

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Yea I thought there was supposed to be a shortage this year?

Even though there’s some good deals I ALWAYS have to take a step back. I’ve got so many hops it’s borderline ridiculous. But… I often get sucked in! Especially with some of the newer varieties.

I have a freezer full myself. I’ve bought about 4lbs more. I don’t like to have to much because they will get old. I was just wondering why so cheap. Is it kind of a loss leader or a supply and demand. I know I’ve heard more and more growers coming online.

How long do you guys keep hops in the freezer before you toss them?

I have some that are well over a year old. Just pulled out some cascades the other day that are solidly in that category, they smelled great! So I used them…guess we’ll see.

Mine are all vacuum sealed once the bag has been opened.

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I had some from over a year I just used too… They are sealed and froze like yours… the seemed fine to me! I wonder if IPA consumption is down… :grin: Don’t need as many dry hops ! Sneezles61

I got a bunch of citra that’s older gotta use up. I need to cut it with something though

I always give them the highly accurate and much respected sniff test…


Although this may be tongue in cheek I can assure you it is not the reason.

I routinely have hops for over a year and use them. I vacuum pack anything that is ever open. I think storing them in the feezer and vacuumed they can last quite a while.

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