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Hop particles in hazy ipa

Hey guys. I kegged a hazy one month ago and put 3 oz of hops in a bag into the keg. Been sitting for one month and I poured a glass today. I’m assuming the bag I used for my keg hopping was too coarse because I’m getting hop particulate in the beer. It’s the most delicious beer I’ve made to date just not very pretty. Anybody else have this problem? Is it anything to worry about consumption wise?

That’s normal for a NEIPA it’s why The Heady Topper can says drink from the can and don’t worry about the particles.

I have friends who keep their Treehouse cans upside down and just turn them over to drink. I actually shake my kegs when my NEIPAs start to settle

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Ok cool. I didnt realize it would be so prominent even with bagging the hops. I used muslin for a dry hop once and didnt experience this. It also wasnt a neipa

I wouldn’t worry, nature of the beast


Thanks. It’s really good.

No matter how fine the bag/canister some hop matter will make it through. It will eventually clear as you drink it.

It tastes really incredible! Like I said probably the best beer I’ve made to date. I dont usually make IPAs because they are so readily available near me but now I’m hooked. This was also the first beer I transferred from primary to keg via carbon dioxide. I’m wondering if I’ve been picking up some oxygen via transfer. That, or actually letting it sit for a few weeks before drinking it all. Either way! Cheers


I’ve found our NEIPAs definitely benfitted from CO2 transfer and have their sweetspot when it comes to timeline. I’d be willing to wager, on the the outside chance it lasts a couple of months, that you’d notice it fade. It’d still be tasty but would lose it’s edge. I am enjoying your enthusiasm for this one! Congrats on the new milestone!

Not sure I like the term fade. They do change and meld as the settle but I enjoy them all the way through. Almost like having a different beer on tap every couple weeks. Just change the name as it changes.


Now I need to brew another and get it ready for when this one kicks. I got some sabro and strata hops this year, thinking of doing the same recipe but using sabro, strata and amarillo instead of the simcoe, mosaic, amarillo.

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I’ve been keeping my grain bills very similar and trying to experiment with new/different hop combos myself. Sabro, Strata and Amarillo sounds solid to me.


That’s basically what I do. I just use what hops are on special. Always a little different.

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I’ve been buying in pound or half pound increments. Really excited to try strata

Any chance you tried the strata hops yet? I just received a hop box from YVH the other day and it had Strata and Sabro in it. I now have 4 ounces of each so I could do a 3 gallon batch just to sample them. Curious to know what others think of these hops.

Havent tried them yet but I’m going to try strata, sabro, and amarillo in the next ipa I make. Pretty much just going to try them in the same increments I would simcoe, mosaic, and amarillo. You can make a 5 gallon batch with 8 or 9 oz no problem. I also read that sabro is known to give off some coconut so it should be interesting

I’ve been using 16-20 ounces in my last few 5 gallon batches. Sabro may be good to try in a milkshake style by those descriptors


In the words of Walter Matthou, “Ho-ly mo-ly…”

Haha I almost said, “what are you, rich?” That’s a lot of hops.

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