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HOP MONSTER... suggestion

So my new project… I want to brew a true Hop Monster yet being new to brewing, (8 months) I’m still on extract… working toward all grain. I’m looking to brew a seriously hoppy, orange juice looking beer. high floating “pulping” look… something to make the IPA lovers cheer, and the rest of “my friends” cringe… I want an overdose,… yet drinkable… any suggestions?

Sounds like you’re talking about the “New England style” IPA. There’s an article in the months BYO magazine, I believe. Tons of info out there on them. i do think an integral part is the yeast. You’ll be looking for Vermont style yeast.

Obviously you’ll want a smoother bitterness so use a neutral, low cohumulone hop for bitterness and plan on using a lot of strong hops late (think Citra and the like). I’m not a big fan of whirlpool hopping as I think it’s a waste on the HomeBrew scale as the aromas contributed fade much much to fast and find I get better hop stabilization from large dosage of continuous hops towards the end, like 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min. Also plan on a hefty dry hop.

Others might be able to contribute more info but Thais is what it sounds like your striving for. Have you seen the hosts Over the Topper kit?

Try more hops during the boil time. Most extract recipy dont do flameout hop. As for dry hops i would stick to the citra hops. Add two packs during dryhops time. The way i did. Took a recipy. Change it on paper. And use a brew program to tweak your recipy. You might think. About. Storm the basstille. Deathringer or zombie dirt ale. Me as extract brewer. Till. Now. Created some recipy. You make your own. I did a mayhem ipa. A grav of 1.070. Lots of hops. Just check the grav its now 1.010. Next week final check. And time to keg

I use flaked oats to help with the juice pulp feel and loads o citra hops. I’ve also expieremented with bittering from 45 minutes to smooth it the bitterness. I whirlpool but also layer in from 15 10 5. As far as dry hops. I do a dose in fermenter then a dose in keg. I don’t think it’s a good style to bottle if your not a fan of sediment. I’ve had luck bottling off the keg though.

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No not really dont like beer with sediment

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