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Hop information

Where can I find information to learn about hops. Such as which type of hops add which flavors and what adjusting hop addition times will do to the flavors?

Here is a link

The BYO link is nice but Gregscsu (member) has a nice spreadsheet called ezbrew with all the hops, yeast and grain info in it as well as a brewing spreadsheet. Search the forum for it.

Here is the link to the EzBrew post.


Thanks for the info.
So if I want less hop flavor I reduce the amount of time that they are in the boil? And increase the time to get more flavor, right?

Longer time in the boil means more bitterness.

60 min addition = bittering addition
30 min addition = some bittering some flavor
15 min addition = flavor, some aroma (very little) some bitterness
10 min addition = flavor and aroma
5 min addition = flavor and aroma
0 Min addition = aroma and flavor

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