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Hop help

Brewing my first own recepie and was wondering about which hop to bitter with.
6.3 lbs. amber malt
1 lb crystal 80l
1 qt maple syrup
1 oz. kent goldings (60 min)
1/2 oz. us golding (30 min)
1/2 oz. us golding (10 min)
2 tsp. gypsum (60 min)
1/2 tsp. irish moss (15 min)
wyeast london III on sir plate

Here’s my question…do you bitter with a higher alph hop or the lower?
Looking for a smooth style maple brew.This will be my last partial mash and moving to all grain next. Thanks for any quick help…brewing this morn.Cheers!

High AA hops go in early in the boil. Save the aromatic hops for late in the boil, 10 mins or less left. Hops for flavor at around 20-30 minutes left in the boil.

You need Pale malt or 2-row or some other type of base malt as your main malt.Amber malt is a specialty malt or a color malt used to add red color and biscuit flavor.I would not use more than about a .5 pound in a 5 gal batch. You don’t say what you are brewing but a pound of 80 crystal might be too much, unless its a Brown, Porter or other dark beer.

I would change the Amber to Pale[6.3 lbs],and try a small amount of the Amber if you are looking for some red color and biscuit flavor.

Hope this helps. cheers, Mike.

Thanks Mike, yes I am looking for a darker beer so it looks like grade B maple. I’m 15 min into the brewing process and went with the kent hops at 60 . Its looking pretty dark right now and happy so far.

Failed to mention also went with a pale wheat DME at 60. That should do the trick correct?

That should work, looks like it would make a dark wheat type of beer.

Thanks for the reply. Boil is over and cant wait to taste this one. I never tried maple syrup in the process and I hope it went in at the correct time (30 min). Made it for a buddy ,hope he is willing to share.

While I have your ear, I will be moving on to all grain next batch and was going to brew an irish stout for St. Patricks day. Any good tried and true recepies that has crossed your lips?

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