Hop Fiend Barleywine Recipe

I have been formulating a recipe for an American Barleywine in BeerSmith, I would appreciate any suggestions! I am looking for a strong hop presence in my barleywine.

OG 1.095

IBUs: 110

17.93 lbs of grain:

Pale US 2-Row: 8 lbs. 4.4 oz.
Maris Otter: 8 lbs. 4.4 oz.
Crystal 60L: 1 lb. 1.7 oz.
Crystal 120L: 4.4 oz.

7.57 oz. of hops:
FWH Cascade: 1.03 oz.
FWH Centennial: 0.51 oz.
Warrior @60: 0.96 oz.
Columbus @30: 0.47 oz.
Chinook @20: 0.53 oz.
Centennial @15: 1.03 oz.
Cascade @10: 1.03 oz.
Chinook @5: 0.53 oz.
Columbus @5: 0.48 oz.
Cascade @0: 0.50 oz.
Chinook @0: 0.50 oz.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I also plan to do a partigyle with this recipe.


The difficult thing with making a hoppy barleywine is that you will not have as much perceived sweetness to balance out the amount of alcohol. I would recommend doing mostly late additions.

Plus, won’t those late hops fade like crazy as it ages, when drinking after the 6-12 month-minimum aging, make them FWH? (ie f$#@!ing waste of hops?)


Interested in others’ opinions though, as I’m formulating a barleywine recipe at the moment!

The FWH and late additions were ideas I had gotten from looking at the recipes on the Brewing TV website. I tried to combine parts of other recipes to formulate my recipe; however, I have never made a barleywine so I was looking at many different recipes to get ideas.

Can you bulk age the BW for a year before bottling? If so, just use FWH and a bittering charge, nothing late, then a couple weeks before you’re bottling, add a big dryhop.

Yes, I could bulk age it for a year before bottling. I appreciate the advice and will alter my additions to have less late additions and more bittering charges with plans to dryhop before bottling.


Now THAT sounds like a fine idea. Maybe I will be doing an American Barleywine as opposed to English!

Good call, I never brew barleywines so I didn’t even think about the aging aspect.

Now THAT sounds like a fine idea. Maybe I will be doing an American Barleywine as opposed to English![/quote]

You can still do an English barleywine. I have one at 10% bulk aging since 1/1/13. I’m up in the air about how long to leave it age.
The last time I brewed this was 2004. At less than a year old (bottled after a month) I entered it into a competition and got mid 30s for scores, it was dinged as too hoppy for style. A year later another bottle from the same batch scored low 40s and second BOS. One judge said it was excellent for style.
I dialed back the IBUs to the low 50s on the latest one and dry hopped the last week in the primary; I’ll probably dry hop again before I bottle, whenever that ends up being. I didn’t dry hop on the one in '04.

I have altered my hop additions so there are less late additions. I am guessing my grain bill is good so just trying to get a good hop schedule. I have looked at many barleywine recipes and have tailored my recipe off of what I have seen.

This is what I plan to do:

1 oz. Cascade and Centennial FWH

1 oz. Warrior @ 60 min

.5 oz. Chinook and Centennial @ 45 min

.5 oz. Chinook and Centennial @ 5 min

1 oz. Cascade @1 min

Dry hop: 1 oz. Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook for 7 days before bottling/kegging.

Thanks again for the advice!

I will likely change the 45 min addition to a 30 min addition to add flavor/aroma. Trying to get a nice hop presence in this barleywine.

Thats what I would do. You might even like moving that to 20.

Thanks Adam20! I will take your advice and change the addition to 20 min. My goal is to have a barleywine which is not overwhelmingly sweet.

You bet. Thats what I like in a barleywine. Youve probaly seen Denny’s Old Stoner Barleywine recipe around. Take a look at that hop schedule and consider what he’s doing with it. I made that barleywine recently and its fabulous. Nice balance but great hop presence as well. Shadetree had a good suggestion too. Lots of routes to take.

OH and one last suggestion. If your looking for it to not be sweet, make a batch of low gravity beer, and then the day you rack it off of the yeast, brew your barleywine. You will want an enormous amount of yeast to eat up the sugars.

Thanks for the advice! I just kegged a beer which was 1.050 OG yesterday and I rinsed the yeast from that which I plan to make a big starter with for the barleywine.

I have been thinking about putting a beer on a yeast cake but since the carboy is always so dirty after fermentation I always rinse my yeast and use a clean carboy instead.

Do you have any advice on my grain bill? I have been thinking of maybe using some munich malt or a little rye, maybe a little chocolate rye?

I have never made a barleywine so I am open to suggestions on what works well for a barleywine. I am a fan of Sierra Nevadas Bigfoot barleywine so something close to that would be great.


I have decided I will use Denny’s Old Stoner barleywine grain bill but use BeerSmith to bring the gravity to 1.095. Denny’s recipe looks like it will be closer to what I prefer in the malt profile than the recipe I had formulated. Although I will stick with my hop schedule to get a more pronounced hop character from the cascade, centennial, and chinook hops.