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Hop combos for NEIPA

I’m brewing a NEIPA friday and looking for a good hop combo. On my last batch I did 1oz Columbus @60, 4oz Simcoe, 2oz Centenial and 2oz Amarillo whirlpool and the dryhopped with 3oz each of Simcoe, Centennial and Amarillo in my 5 gallon batch. Turned out great and I’m looking for a different combo for this batch. I have plenty of Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial, Summit, Exp. Grapefruit, el Dorado, Comet,Chinook, Lemon Drop and a few oz of Mosaic on hand. Anybody with experience in these beers and a great combo? Simple grain bill of 12# 2row, 2# white wheat and 2# flaked oats…

I love Citra and Mosaic in NEIPA’s. All the C hops do well.

Seems like the Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic pairing is most common and I only have 3oz of Mosaic on hand. I’m trying to use up some stock and not buy hops for this beer.

I recently did a Denali/Citra combo. It was pretty nice.

I’m going to sub the Citra for something else next time, or go straight Denali.

I do one with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Mosaic.

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When the hops come in ill be trying one with galaxy, wai-iti, and a little bit of nelson. Just galaxy and nelson in equal amounts is quite tasty.

I’m sure that combo is solid @WMNoob. I could do a whirlpool of just Amarillo and Simcoe and the dry hop with those plus Mosaic. The grains are ready for tomorrows brew so the hop additions may just be whatever i feel like in the morning. Saw a thread on HBT that mentioned Cascade, Centennial and Summit as a decent trio. I have a pound of Summit but I’ve read bad things about that hop.

The hops schedule I used was FW Magnum, then 1 oz. each of Amarillo/Simcoe/Mosaic @ 1 minute, whirlpool, DH 7 days. Check out @voltron comment in this previous discussion which sounds interesting: Neipa?

Just kegged a NEIPA using 6oz Amarillo, 6oz Simcoe and 4.5oz Mosaic total and it smells awesome. Looking for a new combo for Monday’s brew. Some ideas so far are all Zappa or El Dorado and BRU-1.

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