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Hop combo

I was thinking of useing simco with cenntenal in the boil and Amarillo for a dry hop any use this combo berfore?

That should work well together IMO. One of my favorite west coast style IPA’s is Potosi Snake Hollow which uses Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo. Go for it!! :slight_smile:

Haven’t done that trio, but Simcoe and Amarillo are magic together, and I can’t see how Centennial would hurt.

Yup go right ahead it will be delicious. For bonus points add some Citra in with your Simcoe/Amarillo addition if you have it.

Now you have me thinking. Citra in the dry hop with Amarillo? I bet it would have a great aroma.

Absolutely. I recently brewed an IPA with Citra/Amarillo late and dry hopping. It’s really, really nice. Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra all work really well with each other. I could see your Centennial adding a little depth as a late boil addition, but I just don’t see how you won’t have delicious beer from any of these combos.

What’re you bittering with? I generally use German MAgnum for a smooth bitter, although it seems a lot of people like the bite of Chinook. I do like Simcoe/Cent, you get the bright grapefruit from Cent and the complexity from the Simcoe. Amarillo is a great grapefruit flavor as well, the Citra would add a little tangerine sweetness that would be nice. I also agree with the poster above about using a little Columbus in the boil along with the citrusy hops, this brings a pine note that compliments the citrus well. In fact I grow Cent and Columbus and just pick them all at once for my mix.

Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to brew this batch. I think Its going to be a good one

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