Hop addition question

I was wondering if anyone knows what the taste/aroma difference is when adding different hops at different times in the last 25 min of the boil. I have read about Hop usage times –http://www.babblehomebrewers.com/attachments/article/68/hopusage.pdf
–but don’t have the experience to know how that really translates in taste.
For instance, say I want to add a total of 1 oz of both Simcoe and Amarillo. What would change if I added all 2oz at 15 min, vs say 0.5 Simcoe at 20min, 0.5 Amarillo at 15min, 0.5 Simcoe at 10min, and 0.5 Amarillo at 5min?
Or am I just over thinking all of this?


Overthinking, mostly.

The rule is, 15min for flavor and 5min to flameout for aroma. Stick with that and you won’t be sorry. Throwing in hops at 25min is going to drive off a significant portion of the volatile oils. Not all of them, but why do it at all? Of course there is overlap on everything. Dogfish Head does their continuous feed of hops on their 90 and 60min IPAs, its a gimmick but their beer is pretty good. Give your own hop schedule a try, just remember that a boatload of people befor eyou have brewed and conventional wisdom tends to carry some weight as a result.

agreed. 15 and 5-0 is a pretty safe bet. Toss in some for dryhopping for good measure.