Honeysuckle beer?

With spring approaching (hopefully), and the Mrs. asking me for the last three years, I feel that now is the time to ask.

I live on 4.5 acres in the land of the tall corn (farm country), and my yard is pretty well surrounded by Honeysuckle. The Mrs. has asked me to incorporate them into a beer, so…I was thinking of doing the American Wheat kit or Wit beer kit from NB and adding the Honeysuckle (about 1 lb) to the end of the boil. I would probably use .25 lb or less of some honey malt to accentuate what I think she is looking for.

Has anyone used Honeysuckle blossoms/nectar in a brew? If so, how/when/what quantity??

Thanks in advance for all the help. Just trying to keep SWMBO liking my homebrew so I get to do/spend more for homebrewing. (I know, I a sly devil… :lol: )

Been a long time but think jack keller honey suckle mead. Had the best way to add them to wine and mead I assume would work for beer. Think he only boiled a gallon of water with 6 cups of honey suckle blossoms and steeped them for 3 hours

Dry hop with the flowers?

I thought about this route too, dry hop with 'em. Or, I guess I should say, add the necter at bottling. If I can’t get this one to work out, I can always use our wild blackberrys in a porter or a wheat.

I have a friend that does this. He adds honeysuckle during a secondary. Boiling the flower (he says) causes all sorts of odd flavors.

When adding the raw flower to secondary, is there any sanitization to do?

My buddy (very) quickly rinses them in vodka and then in purified water. Straight into the secondary after that.