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Honey Wheat IPA

I have some wheat LME that I need to use up, and wanted to make a light, summer IPA using the wheat LME and some honey to dry it out. I was hoping some of you would let me know what they think of the following recipe:

Honey Wheat IPA
5.5 gallons
OG: 1.062
IBU: 67.3
Color: 6.9 SRM

6lbs Wheat LME
2lbs Extra Light DME
1lb Clover Honey (added 3 minutes left in boil)
.75lbs Honey Malt

1oz CTZ (14 AAU) @ 60 min
.5oz Centennial (8 AAU) @ 20 min
.25oz Citra (12 AAU) @ 20 min
.5oz Centennial (8 AAU) @ 10 min
.25oz Citra (12 AAU) @ 10 min
.5oz Centennial (8 AAU) @ 5 min
.25oz Citra (12 AAU) @ 5 min
.5oz Centennial (8 AAU) @ 1 min
.25oz Citra (12 AAU) @ 1 min
2oz Centennial dry-hop


Thanks in advance to all responders!

That should work. :cheers:

I think you are making the hop additions way to complicated IMO. Why not combine the 20/15, and the 10/5 minute additions. I really think the difference between adding 1 oz at 20 Mins instead of 0.5 at 20 and 15 min wont be noticeable in the final product. I could just be lazy though.

There is no 15 minute addition. There’s a 20, 10, 5 and flameout.

I brewed this two days ago. The boil smelled great. I’ll post back on here with the results when it’s ready.

Looks good. I would have dry hopped with Citra or both. Other than that… looks tasty!

So I ended up brewing this a few weeks ago. Last night I racked it to the secondary fermenter, and dry-hopped it with 1 oz of Centennials, and 1 oz of Citras.

Even without the dry-hops the aroma was amazing! The gravity sample tasted nice as well. I’m feeling good about this beer. I’ll keep you posted on the final results.

Mmmmmm… citra.

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