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Honey Country Pilsner

Brewed up the Honey Country Pilsner small batch kit from NB almost two weeks ago. Didn’t have enough room in the ferm chamber for another 5 gal carboy. (the others are in secondary so the low temps shouldn’t be an issue) The instructions on their 1 gal kits are pretty generic, so when I can, I will use the directions for the 5 gal version of the same beer kit. But there isn’t a 5 gal version of this one. It doesn’t mention a secondary or lagering at all. I plan on doing both as I know it will result in a better beer, but I’d love some helpful tips. It’s my first lager and I don’t want this to discourage me from lagering in the future. I have a chest freezer w/ a temp controller on it and it’s currently finishing up primary at 50 deg. Where should I go from here?

I’m not sure I understand your issue: do you not have room in the fermenter or are you not sure as to fermentation schedule/temps at all for this beer? Could you post recipe, including yeast/recommended ferment temp?

If I were you I would take it out of ferm chamber and let it sit at room temp for about 5 days (diacetyl rest). If it has reached terminal gravity you can cold crash it and lager it at 32° for at least a month, 2 is better. If it hasn’t stopped fermenting, lower the temps about 5° per day until you reach lagering temps. About a week before bottling hit it with gelatin for crystal clear beer. When you bottle it allow it to warm a little, say back to 50°, then allow it to condition at regular temps. AFTER ITS CARBED, pop them back in fridge to re-lager it.

That’s what I would do except I would keg it. :wink:

Thanks Loopie. That’s the kind of info I was looking for.

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