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Honey blonde ale suggestions

Hey guys I would like your input on this recipe any info would be greatly appreciated. 8lb pilsner. 2lb pale malt. 1lb Vienna. 4oz honey malt. 1lb white wheat malt. 1lb honey at flame out. .5oz cascade 60min. .5oz cascade 20min. .5oz Chinook 10 min. 2 packs safal us05. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I have beenough brewing for 9 months and switched to all grain 3 months ago so I’m still learning

Since you’ve got alot of fermentables, the 1/2 oz cascade for bitterning won’t tame the sweetness. Chinook has more AA, so if you can add more I would aim for at least 1 oz. I suspect that you could end up in the 7-+ ABV too. Sneezles61

I think it looks pretty good. You could safely skip the pale malt and just add more Pilsner. It will keep it lighter. The honey won’t add much taste if any but ferments nicely and will boost ABV. The honey malt will add some and smaller amounts like that are best IMHO. Looks like the OG will be in the 1.070 so two packets of yeast is a good idea but a starter with just one would work as well or better. Good aeration helps too.

Sounds tasty.

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It will be strong for a blonde. The honey won’t add much except more sugar and may actually thin it out. Maybe that’s what you want though

Should I use the Chinook for the bittering instead? And cascade for the rest of the boil?

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Yes, when bittering you either add a bunch more low alpha acid hops, or find a high alpha hop. Yer trying to balance out the malt sweetness,with bitterness. I sometimes like my brew a bit on the bitter side so I will up the AA. Sneezles61

Thanks. That’s what I will do than

Me brew few weeks ago a white house. Honey. Ale did check grav yesterday. And of course a sample. Nice taste. But no honey flav.

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