Homemade Tap Handle Parts?

I have a friend willing to make me some tap handles for my newly purchased Perlicks. Since I live in Oregon, I’m considering using myrtlewood. Anyway, what do you call the threaded insert that goes in the end of the handle where the faucet screws in?

Tap Handle Insert

Tap Handle Ferrule


:cheers: I made my stir plate from two myrtlewood plates from Coos Bay. The threads are 3/8-16, so you can use a variety of materials by tapping the hole.

Should look good when they are finished. Are you turing them in a lathe? We made some out of Burl Maple that turned out really nice.

You can also purchase them at Home depot in the pull out drawers in the hardware area. I think they were just labeled “threaded inserts” made of brass. Bring the threaded piece of the tap to make sure you get the correct threading though MRV is correct it should be 3/8-16. Home Depot hardware areas are notoriously miss labeled/organized.
A couple more things to note when using threaded inserts:
If installing into the end grain you might consider slightly enlarging the hole so that you don’t split the wood. Dont force the insert go slow. And make sure your insert is perfectly centered.
Myrtle is great very workable but can have a tendency to burn/char like many other hardwoods.