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Homemade bottle rinser & drying rack

Thought I would share a couple pics of my latest project.

The bottle rinser is made from a (new) commercial sprayer, a couple cheap corner braces,
and some old tubing.
It works great to santize the bottles with 4 or 5 quick sprays. (You do have to use two hands)
I was so tired of soaking bottles!

The bottle dryer is just a old Rubbermaid container I had laying around,
with some 1.75" holes cut in the lid.

They made this last bottling session go a little faster, and saved me gallons of sanitizer.
I also found less sanitizer bubbles left in the bottles, compared to soaking.

Nice stuff! It would be cool to find some way to allow the bottle to press down the lever of the sprayer. Still each to do.

Also love the bottle dryer. So helpful to have- and since nothing sticks inside the bottle, it is very sanitary


I thought about ways to making the bottle rinser one handed as well, but I’m not sure if the benefit is worth the extra effort.

Although I do hate having to put my beer down and use both hands :frowning:

corner braces on a pump spray… solid idea

This is awesome! I gotta make this. I will let you know if I pick up any other tricks with it.

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