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Homebrewing question

Hello i have a question about my yeast starter here a picture see in the picture the starter is a little over 24hour old. See I am noticing that there is Co2 still being produce is this normal??

I have to be honest. There is no such thing as normal. If you were to post the variables of your starter like how much you made, what it was made of and how much, the temperature, what yeast you used and its source… we might be able to zero in on a kind of normal. At 24 hours I am typically pitching into my wort and often there is still a lot of activity including CO2. So pitch away.


Same here all depends. Me leave it on the stirplate. 24 to 32 hours. Than cold crash. Or when i do a suprise brew session. Make a starter. Leave it 24 hours. No cold crash. Just pitch

Looks like it’s just offgassing to me…you could get that from a change in barometric pressure.

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