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Homebrew Supply Shops in Philadelphia area?

I’m heading out to Philly in February and will be setting up my brother to get started in the hobby. He’s done one extract brew but wants to learn all grain. He lives in Willow Grove in eastern Montgomery County, but we will range out a decent distance for a good store. Any recommendations?

Keystone Home Brew Supply in Montgomeryville, PA about a 30 minute drive and Wine, Barley & Hops HomeBrew Supply in Feasterville Trevose, PA about a 30 min drive as well. I can not say that I have been to either, but I know of them. Those are the only 2 in the area.


Keystone Homebrew is a great shop, definitely the biggest in the area. Theres also the Malt House in NW Philadelphia which is smaller but my preferred place. Finally there is Home Sweet Homebrew in Center City Philadelphia.

The Malt House & Keystone are both ~20-25minutes from willow grove, Center City is probably closer to 45.

Philly Homebrew Outlet! Those other places are fine but Philly Homebrew outlet is awesome. The staff is really helpful and they will frequently pour you a beer while you are shopping.

I really appreciate how the grains are set up so you can weigh out & grind your recipe yourself. Also, the shop is home to the philly home-brew club, which puts on a lot of events and competitions.

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