Homebrew in the skies

Have you guys ever flown your beer? I’ve got some that I want to take home pretty soon, but I’m worried about the pressure changes since they’re not your standard beer. Just want to be safe.

I have with no problems. I told the agent at the counter that I had bottled beer in one of my boxes and assured her that it was properly packed with everything contained inside a plastic bag just in case, and she said it was fine.

I have a buddy who does quite often without any issues. As Shadetree mentioned, just make sure it is packed properly.

I’ve done it too. It must be in your checked luggage, and each airline has a limit on the number of bottles/ounces. Technically, the limit is there because of interstate commerce and taxation of alcohol, so it shouldn’t apply to homebrew, but good luck trying to explain that the the ticket agent or TSA.

I brought 2 cases of wine with me when I was coming back from Napa. Bought some nice packing boxes out there that had formed styrofoam inserts. Checked it with no issues and all came out the other end in one piece.