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Homebrew Filters

Well, I will first admit that when I make a recipe and brew it, I am so interested in trying my brews that I get impatient and don’t give my beer enough time in the secondary. Recently, I have been doing some research on homebrew filters, and after years of witnessing the results of a 2 week, crystal clear turnaround for industrially filtered beers at work (I work at a microbrewery), I’ve decided to start trying to do this at home.

Does anyone have any good experiences with any certain brands? I’ve come across a few that resemble repurposed water filters that have 5 micron, to 1 or less micron systems.

Any help would be awesome…I tend to do my research, and get lots of input before buying.


If my beer isn’t clear enough after a month, I drink it from a stoneware stein. Usually, some form of Irish Moss, low temperature storage and time will clarify anything.

In other words, my preferred filtration system is: … -line.html

If you’re an extract brewer I don’t know what to tell you.

If you’re an all grain brewer and your beer isn’t clearing up then focus on your process, ie, good water chemistry, good hot break, strong boil, irish moss or whirlflock last 10-15 mins of boil, fast cold break(some will say this is overrated), pitch plenty of healthy yeast, cold crash if you bottle, give the beer a week or two to clear if you keg, and you should have clear beer. Some brewers swear by gelatin for their hard to clear beers. I don’t like it and have never felt I needed it or filtering.

Just my 2 cents since no one responded re filtering. :cheers:

I have this one and it works. I have never tried another model. Many homebrew stores carry them: ... g-kit.html

I appreciate the input. I tend to brew all-grain 90% of the time, and like I said, sometimes I get impatient and don’t want to wait 2-3 extra weeks after primary fermentation. (Especially when I didn’t brew a batch for awhile and am about to run out of beer :slight_smile: ) I had heard that homebrew filters were becoming more available and work in the same manner as commercial-grade filters.

Again, thanks everyone.

I bought a plate filter several years ago. Used it a few times and decided it was way too much of a pain in the butt. As stated above… clear beer shouldn’t be much of an issue with good processes. And patience is part of the process, unfortunately. :wink:

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