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Homebrew Con 2022

Anybody going to Hombrew Con in Pittsburg in June? I’m not going but I have a NEIPA going with a local vendor. It was tasty a couple weeks ago but I’m nervous it may lose a lot of its pizazz by June 23rd.

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As much as I would love to, I will be out of town.


I didn’t see this thread before the con, but I was there. It was definitely not as big as the RI HomeBrew Con in 2019. We kinda wrote it off as a “recovery year.” But don’t get me wrong, it was still a ton of fun. My first time pouring in a club booth. Between my wife and I, we made off with like 3-4 lbs of Hops from Yakima Valley and Hopsteiner Farms. Maybe a dozen satchels between Lallemand, Omega, and Mangrove Jack. I’m actually going to be stuck planning my brews based on which yeast expires first! ahhhh, first world problems…

There was some sort of convention of Lawyers that was going after HBC. They were doing some pre-convention activities and set-up on Saturday as all of us were getting ready for the knock-out party. My wife overheard some lawyer saying, “that looks like fun, but we gotta go to the boring people’s convention.”


Did you happen to visit the Blue Lake Hops booth?

Yes, They seem pretty cool. Whole hops aren’t really my thing though. I seem to recall they did a presentation of their preservation process at one of the virtual HBCs too.

I brewed the NEIPA they were giving out. The younger guy is the Brewmaster at the brewery I work at part time.

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