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Homebrew 101 DVD - skips a step in Deluxe instructions?

Just received the Deluxe Starter Kit as a gift from my AWESOME wife, and I can’t wait to dive in.

Watching the DVD, I watched the instructions for the Deluxe kit a couple times, to familiarize myself (And the DVD is entertaining - I appreciate that!).

For kicks, I watched the instructions for the Basic starter kit too.

When it came time to bottle, the Basic intructions spend a minute or two talking about priming the bottles (for carbonation). The Deluxe instructions don’t mention anything about it?

Is this an oversight, and should I absolutely prime the bottles? Or, does the secondary fermentation process somehow take care of that (I’m guessing I need to prime, but, I want to be sure).

Thanks in advance…

Priming MUST be done for bottling. If they dont mention it in the video they might be assuming people watched the Basic video and therefore already know. That being said, secondary does not take care of it.
Priming sugar gets the yeast moving again just enough to ferment a little bit. The lack of O2 in the bottles makes the yeast produce CO2 instead of alcohol.

Yes you prime. If you buy extract kits they have the instructions for this but if ou go AG you just have to remember the recipe (or do like I have and keep some of those old Extract recipies around just for this info).


Great, guys; I appreciate the insight…

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