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Home made Bailey's

Early for a beer but not for a little home made Bailey’s Irish cream in my coffee. If you Google it there are lots of recipes but most are Jameson’s Irish whisky, heavy cream or half & half, condensed sweetened milk, vanilla extract and instant coffee. Into the blender for 30 seconds then pour into a container of your choice. I use Grolsch bottles.

Some recipes call for almond extract. I have made it with and without and suggest skipping it. Unlike the stuff from the liquor store, it obviously needs to be refrigerated.

One recipe author wrote she gives it out for Christmas presents. I’m thinking that might be good for me to do for non-beer drinking friends. Get some cool swing top bottles, tie a ribbon on it and instant, easy present.


When its hot like this, Mamosa’s for breakfast… On the W/E, just in case someone I know reads this… :smirk: Sneezles61

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