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Home brew in ice chest

will the yeast at the bottom of the bottles get mixed back into the brew if it falls over? Also has anyone used plastic cola bottles for bottling? It’s against the law to have glass bottles on your boat around here.

Probably but a little extra yeast won’t hurt nothin’. It’ll settle back out eventually.

If you’re concerned about the yeast mixing back in, a few extra days or a week in the fridge should settle it back down.

Any sort of plastic soda bottle should be fine. Some advocate not using Root Beer or dark soda bottles. From what I understand, water and other non-carbonated liquid bottles shouldn’t be used because they aren’t made to withstand the pressures of bottle carbonating.

yea I seen people use them.
But they do have plastic made for beer.

if you do use soda bottles, dont use root beer or lemonade ones… no matter what you do the taste dont wash out.

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