Home Bar w/ aquarium, rotating tap tower, and ferm chamber

I built this home bar with my two housemates earlier this year. We built a kegerator and then thought why not build a simple bar for it. Then everyone had some good ideas and things got a little less simple. We decided on the idea of an integrated fermentation chamber based on internet research (and we like to brew). The aquarium was really decided on mid build and we even had to make some alterations to accommodate it. The rotating tap was thought of while shopping at the hardware store and seeing a toilet flange and a ball bearing “lazy susan” piece that was metal, thin and strong and it all clicked that it could be done I had just never heard of it.

Here is a link to my first youtube video/slideshow for the project

The 2X4 in the lower right was later removed and things altered when we decided to add an aquarium


Fermentation chamber had foam and other materials added for insulation


We made it this far and still had not thought of the aquarium




Had to put the finished back of bar here for contrast but a little out of order…still have not got around to painting that ugly white fridge door


Time to cut glass since there are few choices out there for a column shaped aquarium and we decided to cut glass rather than buy one half the size premade



Started working on altering the bar to hold a corner 30 gallon aquarium


Tank is basically on a framed cart that slides into bar to look like one piece or can be removed for cleaning


We created a hinged door next to the tank to hold the co2, reg and aquarium equipment. It is also designed to look seamless when closed as one piece


A foam rock wall seemed nice after seeing on the internet…thank you internets.


After spraying expanding foam between live rock pieces and letting dry, resin was applied then sand…this shot is half coated in resin/sand and half just the foam


completed with a hidden diy filter and no live plants yet


Current shot several months with established tank


Why not have a tap tower that can rotate 180 degrees…I mean I am lazy



This is the wood base the tap tower sits on. It has a layer of felted foam on the underside to remove any slop/wobble from the base when attached and rotating.


Wish i had a better shot but basically these 2 female cabinet locks are attached to the bed of the bar and the male pieces attached under the wood base the tap tower sits on so when rotating they lock in place.


Also built and soldered a shelving unit with dimmable led lighting with glass behind


Haven’t finished this yet as you can see the middle shelf has molding and the top and bottom are unfinished


We also added some usb and power ports under the bar rail (easy to use if sitting at bar) but I didn’t have any pics


Still working on bar area …next project will be a glass chiller/chalkboard cabinet connected to the keg fridge for cooling which will be around the area where the Guinness sign is now. Also need to work on some custom tap handles and other decor a bit.


Amazing! Wish I had that in my house!

looks great.

Don’t put a bar stool in front of your fish tank… go ahead, ask me how I know

Nice build