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Holy yeast growth batman!

So my most recent brew was a Stone Ruination clone. I used WLP007 as suggested in Mitch Steele’s book as an alternative to their proprietary house strain. I made a 1.5L starter as the yeast I had was relatively fresh. Pitched at 66* into 5g of 1.075 wort. A week later I racked it off the yeast so I could harvest it and WOW was there a lot of yeast! After settling down there is just under 1/2 gallon of yeast and this is highly flocculant stuff so it’s a dense 1/2 gallon. This is only my second time harvesting yeast so I wasn’t sure if this was a normal amount. My first time was WLP820 Oktobertfest which was about 1/8th of a gallon all settled so it’s a difference of 4 times as much growth.

Just wondering if that’s normal growth or if there is a large amount of trub in there that I need to consider when measuring it out for pitching into future brews.

I used 007 in a EPA a couple weeks ago cuz it needed to be used, no starter, but similar OG and there was A LOT of yeast cake left just from the vial. It was my first time with it but I did get lots I yeast with it.

Yeah after about 2 weeks in the fridge is did settle down quite a bit more. It’s now a little over 1/4 gallon of yeast. I’ll be repitching this in another brew in a couple of weeks. Love this yeast!

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