Hofbräuhaus Oktoberfest

My personal favorite in the entire world! What do you guys think?

Totally agree. It’s the best of all the traditional German Marzen-Oktoberfest beers. Even better than Ayinger (although just by a hair).

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I’ve never had Ayinger, I’ll have to investigate haha

I had the ayinger last night…very, very good.

Was over in Germany this past summer but didn’t get to try the Oktober fest. Had plenty of Franziskaner though! Also had a real interesting lemon beer made by an Austrian brewery, Goesser.

I like the traditional fest beers over marzens. Paulaner Oktoberfest Weisn is my fav. Warsteiner’s fest beer is dang good too, though.

Agree 100%. Always has been HB Oktoberfest has always been my favorite Oktoberfest bier, and having had it in the HB tent in Munich made me love it even more. :cheers:

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