History of industrialization of sake brewing

I made a small sum up of how sake brewing evolved from the start to present time, if you are interested go check it out here: http://sakebrew.com/sake-articles/indus … ke-brewing

Also I would love to hear your inputs/thought… I think that information about the history was sparse and a bit difficult to gather, so I may have one or two things wrong.

Claes Nilsson

Pretty good, you touched on a lot of the highlights. They brewed in the colder months because of how the sake tasted not because it would go bad(I think).

I would like to see more history on the Koji. Aspergillus oryzae was originally a wild spore that was tamed and controlled by humans. How was it discovered and by who?

Thanks for your reply!

That is a very good idea, I will definently look into seeing if that is possible. Currently the reference I have on the discovery of koji is in a book “History of Koji”, that looks like it is a sum up of the Japanese history books. Should be possible to dig out some more info :slight_smile:

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Claes Nilsson