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Hill Farmstead Walden- need hop help

Howdy. Looking to brew up a clone of Walden, but hard to track down anything on this one. Found a pretty nice base blonde ale grain bill, but unsure of hops additions. Haven’t worked that part out yet on recipe design. Grains are below, let me know your thoughts, but all they gave on hops was this…“40 IBUs. Hopped with Motueka, Amarillo and Simcoe.” Will use Wyeast 1318 probably.

Looks good. Sean Hill is notoriously vague on details but at least you know IBUs and hop varieties. The style has a lot of post boil and dry hop additions. I’ve done 3 of these this summer with variable results. I’ve decided that kegging is the way to go (at least for me) with this style due to better control of oxidation risk.

Maybe a half ounce of Amarillo for bittering and the simcoe late in boil. Motueka as an aroma hop addition. Whirlpool and dry hop with all 3.

Good to know the grain bill looks decent. Will try that schedule and see how it does. Hoping to brew in a month or so. Will try to remember to post results. And will keg also. So over bottling unless the style calls for it.

From IBU calculator…came out to high for a Blonde Ale. Any suiggestions for changes?

You could omit the Simcoe at 20 and recalculate. Whirlpooling and Dry hopping contribute hop flavor and aroma, but less bitterness(some have tried to determine how many IBUs but for purposes of our discussion, zero.)

Dropped the 20 and came in right at IBU’s.

Thanks kind sir.

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