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Highrise IPA All-Grain Recipe Kit

It says that it needs “extra” equipment…anyone know what that means?

It means you need equipment that is not included in their “Essential Brewing Starter Kit.” The starter kit has what new brewers need to get started with extract brewing; so a fermenter and bottling tools/supplies, but nothing for mashing an all-grain recipe like the one you noted.

What’s your level of brewing experience?

Beginner…just working on my first batch. So do I need one of those roller pin things? :smiley: Is that it? Any other equipment?


If this is your first batch you might want to consider going extract instead of all grain.

Here is a link to the extract kit: ... tract.html

You are going to need multiple kettles \ coolers for all grain and the process is far more complicated then extract brewing. Extract is a great way to learn the ropes if this is your first batch.

As far as a crusher goes, you can buy the grains pre crushed if you decide to go all grain.

You might want to do some reading up on Homebrewing if you get a chance. It will give you better understanding of the process , vocabulary, and chances are you will make better beer. I started with John Palmers “How to Brew” book. I still use it to this day for reference purposes. Cheers

Google “Brew in a Bag” (or “BIAB”) and “How to Brew” by John Palmer.

+1 on Palmer’s book.
+1 to starting out with extract kits. And I’d recommend getting the kit with dry yeast.

Many of the all grain brewers will tell you all grain is not significantly harder than extract, and they’re not wrong. But there are a lot of different pieces to the process. Starting extract lets you get the easier ones mastered first. And let’s you put off the extra equipment purchases…

Start with controlling fermentation temperatures.
Then yeast starters for liquid yeast.
Then consider your path to all grain.

Actually I am already on my first batch which I did with extract. Its just about done with the primary and I am about to put it into secondary. My friend and I are so far doing a bang up job with the extract (well we will find out when we drink it), and he brought a Dortmund Extract kit all grain from Germany. So, since its all grain and we have no choice there. So if I figured we have to do a grain brew ANYWAY, I might as well try an all grain IPA :cheers:

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