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Highland Oatmeal Porter

Have any other Southerners tried Highland Breweries Oatmeal Porter?

I got a 32 oz growler of it and I must say I was surprised (at the price – $4.99 – and taste – awesome).

But what makes it a porter? It tastes to me like a dry Irish stout with very little chocolate malt added.

I’d say most folks would think it was a stout … it is very dark. And I am not really tasting the C hops (Chinook and Cascade).

Anyway … most enjoyable for a reasonable-cost Halloween brew. Highland makes some nice beers.

YES!!! I’ve been enjoying Highland’s beers for many years. The Oatmeal Porter is good, but my favorite is their Mocha Stout. If you can find it, do yourself a favor and buy it. It’s very dry with a nice chocolatey sweet finish. Try all of their beers. Most are good, a couple are outstanding.


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