Highest yielding variety

I am trying to pick a variety to plant in the spring and im looking for a heavy yielder…I have cascades already…Anyone grow Columbus? if anyone has knowledge on hops and what variety will be productive in the north east i will appreciate your info

I have first and second year plants in my garden. I live near Buffalo, NY. Nugget and Amalia are in their second year and are heavy producers. I got 12oz and 8oz dried of those varieties this year, respectively. My first year plants included Cascade and Chinook. Got 4oz and 1oz dried of those, but it looks like Chinook is going to be a beast next year. The cones are very dense and 2 inches long. It is described as the standard by which all other varieties are measured regarding yield.

What isn't a high yielder:  Tettnang, Williamette, Golding and Mt. Hood.  The first three are in their second year.  Tettnang seems very susceptible to mildew too.  I'm lucky if I got an ounce dried of any of these varieties.  Tiny cones with low density.  Will bury them in compost this fall and see if I can do any better next year.