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Highest quality seal growler caps

I want to increase my supply of growler caps, but want to get ones that will will absolutely provide a great seal for many months, in case I need to fill off the kegerator to make room for more full kegs, or some other lesser emergency like vacation travel or a party.

With help from the forum and online research it looks like I have two options:

  1. the reusable black plastic cone seal, poly seal caps that are recommended for a long seal. ... -caps.html


  1. metal single-use screw cap with canning-jar-type inside perimeter seal. I still haven’t found a good source for these. A picture of one face up (black cap/white inside) can be seen on the “Caps” page at:

I haven’t yet contacted Brewpack yet to see if they sell to non-wholesalers like me, but was wondering a) what is your experience with either/both of these caps, b) does anybody have a good online source for the metal sealing caps indicated above, and c) have you had good luck with long-term seal with the cone seal poly seal caps. Those are what I currently use and they seem to work fine, but I’ve never used them for months at a time.

I have won part of the conquest for information. The gasket liner material inside the metal cap is called plastisol, same as for canning jars. ... afety.html

I found 38 mm plastisol lined growler caps at F.H. Steinbart: ... rew%20Caps

I’m going to buy some and try them out!

sweet! One of life great conquests! You will make many of us very, very happy.

Yeahhh! Props to Mullerbrau who said that these type of caps work to keep carbonation even as long as a year. If I do empty out a keg into growlers, first I’ll increase the carbonation so what little carbonation they lose in transfer won’t matter, and I’ll be sure to put those caps on TIGHT.

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