High vs Low Pressure - Banjo Burner

Hi All,

I received a cast-iron Banjo Burner (http://www.bayouclassicdepot.com/bg14_c … burner.htm) for Christmas, as a gift. From everything I can see (and read), this is essentially the same cast-iron component that’s used in the Blichmann Floor Burner. The difference appears to be Blichmann uses a low-pressure regulator, and this one is most commonly associated with a high-pressure regulator.

So, my question: Can I use this burner with a low pressure regulator? I suspect so, but I don’t know–I’m looking for someone who knows for sure.

And… a follow-up question. If I want to run two of these in parallel (i.e., simultaneously) in a “Brewtus 10” style brew stand, will it work better (or the same?) with a low-pressure regulator or a high-pressure regulator?

For reference, there’s also this:

http://stores.hurricaneproducts.net/-st ... Detail.bok


My own understanding is that you will need a high pressure regulator for the high pressure burner. I’d assume the holes are different on a high pressure burner so the gas still produces the right flame shape. But I don’t know for sure so this is also just to keep the thread up top.

They certainly look visually similar. Plus, there’s this quote that appears on the Banjo Burner sale page:

“Many people have asked us for a BTU for this cast iron propane burner. The actual cast iron element (burner) does not determine the BTUs. The regulator determines the BTUs.”

I actually have 2 of those on my rig. I purchased the Bayou 7850 regulators
and ran my own hard pipe.

I’ve read where some people have run these off NG as well, which is what I would love to do. But in answer to your question, my opinion is that you will not get a correct flame if you use a low pressure regulator, but I don’t have any personal experience.

My single tier runs two BC Banjo’s full bore, one tank. But you won’t use it full bore, as the flames will run out the skirt of a keg and it’ll just be a waste of gas. These burners really are quite efficient. And remarkably quiet too, like “listen to the football game while you brew” quiet.

I believe the burner housing would work for low or high pressure, but the orifice would need to be different.

Interesting. By orifice you mean valve, aka http://stores.hurricaneproducts.net/-st … Detail.bok ?

The ones I am used to seeing don’t have the shutoff valve, otherwise, that looks like it. Here is one that NB sells. http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/high … urner.html

The reason I. Think it would work with the correct orifice is that I have such a burner that NB used to sell that is low pressure.