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High Gravity yeast starter?

Yesterday I decided to make my first yeast starter for the Big Honkin’ Stout extract kit. I followed a starter recipe that recommended 1/2 cup per pint of water. I made up 1 liter with 1 cup DME. After doing a bit more research is seems that most recipes recommend 1/2 cup per Liter. I am afraid that I have made a starter with too high of a gravity. Can anyone explain to me what the repercussions might be for this? Is my starter still usable and should I pitch it tonight (about 20 hours after making)? Also I should note that the yeast is Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale.

Thanks for any help!

Your starter will be ok. It may just take a little more time to ferment out.
In the future you should weigh stuff out.

10g of DME for every 100ml of water is the norm.
(or 100g per 1L)

Jamil Z. has a lot of info on yeast starters at his website .

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