High FG 1.030 Maibock

I made the rye Maibock with the Munich II yeast. I followed the directions during the mash and held temp within 2 degrees. I hit 1.066 SG and everything seemed good after the boil. I had a 2 step starter for the yeast, nutrients, oxygen for the wort. It has been kept at 50 for 4 weeks total now. After 3 weeks I took a gravity reading and it was 1.031 so I added another pack of the Munich II. After an additional week the gravity is now 1.030. I have never had a beer stop this high before.

Any suggestions on what to do here? I wanted to move to secondary to start lager but don’t want the beer to be ruined.


Are you using a hydrometer or a refractometer?

All my reading are with hydrometer. This was a 15G batch. I just tested all 3 and one of them is at 1.030 and the other 2 are at 1.019. Not sure why one stalled like this but the other 2 don’t seem to bad so I am going to rack them and let the high one sit for a day or two at 56 since it seems to be active right now.

The fun of brewing.

Add the yeast cakes from the two good fermenters and warm her up to 60 F and you should see some real results.