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High alpha hops as first wort hops?

Is it a bad idea?

I know they recommend lower alpha hops as first wort hops, but I am brewing an mainly chinook pale ale this weekend, and was wanting to use an 0.5oz first wort chinook addition.

Have any of y’all used chinook in the fwh addition? Or any other high alpha hops as fwh?


I guess it depends how long it will take from that FWH addition to a boil. If it is 15-20 minutes you should be fine although there a lot of variables in your mash temp and so on. IMHO, I don’t think you would have any prob with 0.5 Chinook for a FWH. Good Luck.

I fly sparge. So much longer than 15-20 minutes.

You could always try throwing them in 15 minutes prior to your hot break. Just an idea…

There you go using your thinker.

[quote=“muddywater_grant”]I fly sparge. So much longer than 15-20 minutes.[/quote]IME, time isn’t an issue, just add them as you would any other FWH.

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