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Hibiscus flower

Any one ever did brew with hibiscus flowers. A guest did bring me some dried. Flowers. Thinking once i am back. From my trip to colombia. Doing a mango hibiscus. Ipa

Looks kind of pink.

I’ve used them quite a bit. They are very floral almost berry like adding them to the end of your boil. Also they will add a little bitterness. Color extraction is better that way than dry hopping with them but dry hopping with them is softer and more pronounced flavors and aroma and no bitterness. I use about 2 to 3 oz for about 5 gallon batch.

Will add them. 10 min before end of boil. This one will not dryhop. Want to bring out. The. Mango. Hibiscus. Flavor. Thanks for the info. Might give nice color to the brew. The. Girls at my house. Like. Color to their brew. Haha

I use them in a few recipes as well. I recommend you taste a tea made from them first. While I like the flavor some do not like its astringent tannic like mouthfeel. I find that hibiscus goes well with sour style beers and balances out the typical souring acids. Hibiscus could easily overwhelm mango flavor

Guy at the LHBS made a nice Hibiscus Blonde.

I perfer to dry hop with them my self. The colors not as rich but you don’t get the bitterness from them. As Squeegee said they can have a astringent tannic like mouth feel.

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Onces i am back on island. Make a thea out of it see how it taste. Me getting ready to fly out tomorow. Morning

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