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Hi Kids v1.2

How is everyone? Been slacking on my brewing these days. Bottled a wheat today, have a Pale Ale that is fully conditioned and a Porter that i’m not gonna drink til the fall. I’m gonna brew a Kolsch at some point but havent gotten around to it. I got put in a cast due to an achillies injury so I cant see myself walking down 2 flights of stairs with boiled wort. Hope all you guys are good. Go Bruins! Had to throw that out there.


Doing OK. Kind of in the same boat as you, though not as serious. :shock: Screwed up my knee Sat. evening chopping wood for my BBQ.

Planned on brewing 8 gals of wit on Mon., but could barely hobble around. Got a vanilla porter, rye IPA, and single hopped bitter (Columbus) that

need to be kegged.

How long are you in a cast?

Hey there BB!
Bottled up 3 batches last month, all my fermenters are empty also. Bummer! Gonna get back to it in a week or two with my first all grain(biab). Been working on my damn house for the last month. Sorry about your injury. Must suck! Had my hip replaced just over a year ago & those steps are brutal with a carboy or bucket in hand. Haven’t dropped one yet!! Take it easy man! :cheers:

in the cast for probably another month or so

Having a few issues myself, had surgery on my shoulder may three, in a sling till June 10, had to have my wife keg my American Ale for a buddy’s party.

She wants nothing to do with a full brew day though. not sure what I am going to do.

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