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Hi guys and gals...newbie question. Starter book?

Hi…Dave from NY. Been lurking for a few weeks and now introducing myself.

I just mixed my first batch tonight.

Simple >>
3 gallon carboy
3 gallons cider
3 cups sugar
Wyeast Direct Pitch Activator 4766 (only used half - about 2oz)
Cap & airlock (used vodka in airlock)

Washed and sanitized everything

Temp is 66 and now the wait (patients, patients)

Going to add sugar to carbonate after second fermentation and before bottling.

Here is the Q…I am going to like this and want to learn while experimenting. Can you recommend a good book(s) I can be reading while my first experimentation batch is fermenting?

Also…any super noob advice?

Looking forward to being a part of this family.



A good book is Ben Watson’s Cider Hard & Sweet.

As for advice… Be patient, let the yeast do its job, and don’t expect to get Woodchuck or Angry Orchard because it probably ain’t happening. Real cider is different than a lot of the stuff you can buy at a supermarket. Real cider is more dry, more tart, and more wine-like, and not so much sticky fizzy apple juice. But if done right and the stars align, real cider is excellent and you may love it.

Thanks very much Dave.

I’m a patient and persistent guy…

Dave’s got it right. Most of the “pop” ciders are backsweetened and over carbonated. Which is ok if you like that. The best traditional ciders I’ve had are less carbonated (if at all) and fairly dry.

When I make it, I usually figure on enjoying cider made in the fall to be ready to drink by late spring. There are ways to rush it along I suppose, but like most such things it really is best to let nature do her thing at her own pace. If the juice you’re starting out with is overly sweet (as most fresh ciders tend to be these days) an addition of malic acid can greatly improve the end product. Very sweet juice generally makes pretty lame hard cider.

Well…I “think” I’m going to like the non-carbonated version once I try it. I’m really looking forward to this hobby. Because it takes so long I may try some different yeasts in the 1 gallon jugs so I have a variety in 3/4 months when it’s ready.

You guys are really helpful and I’m thankful for that.

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